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Collection of Herbal Recipes

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Hmmm...it's been very quiet here... [Oct. 26th, 2006|09:38 pm]
Collection of Herbal Recipes


So how about a question:

What herbs do you find most important to stock and why? I'm just wondering what other people on here like to keep in their pantry/stores. (Mostly, this post is because it has been extremely quiet here and someone needed to talk about something).

From: anchasta
2006-10-27 11:25 am (UTC)
My mainstays are things for general tummy, sinus, and relaxation teas. Honey gets added to EVERYTHING because I loves it.

chamomile - (go to bed now, crazy Virgo woman!)
lavender - (Bed...did you hear me?!)
rose hips & petals - (Vitamin C)
dried orange peel - (Vitamin C and yum)
catnip - (leaves to the kitty, buds to us)
pennyroyal - (with careful use, no bug bites!)
Osha Root!!! - (hugs the stinky bear root)
red Raspberry - (Woman red tea ingredient)
mint - (Mmm. Tummy relief)
anise - (gas)
fennel - (gas)
Damiana - (spicy and sexy and red)

Goldenseal/Echinacea tincture
Homemade Echinacea tincture (whoo! the burning!)
Ginger infused Brandy for sore throats. And bad days.

That's what I've got at THIS point of the morning...I'll probably think of more as I wake up!

Good idea to start a thread!
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[User Picture]From: enchantedpagan
2006-10-27 03:08 pm (UTC)
I try to keep lavendar on hand, I like to make bath salts and I use it alot in there.
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[User Picture]From: elizabeth_rv
2006-10-27 08:44 pm (UTC)
I've found it's naturally evolved that I've got 4 storages of herbs: the cooking ones, the burning ones, the collection of ones used less often, and the medicinal ones that are like staples, used often.

I know each herbalist's list of mainstays is a little unique because everyone allies differently with different herbal 'doctors,' but for what it's worth, here are some of mine from the storage of ones that are like medicinal staples/first aid kit:

- ashwaganda: (immune system regulating adaptogen, tonic, nice in a bedtime decoction with milk & honey added mmm -- or just for pleasure, roses with mulk & honey)
- catnip: (great at night for a cold, & kitty love, also garden sage tea in the day for a cold)
- goldenseal: (natural antibiotic properties, mucous membrane healer)
- fresh garlic: (natural antibiotic properties, cloves crushed, cut up into pill size, swallowed with orange juice)
- GSE/grapefruit seed extract: (first aid for food poisoning, great for tummyaches, many many uses)
- white willow bark: (natural aspirin)
- cramp bark: (need I say more)
- dandelion root: (one cup of light decoction a month around the time of cramp bark = 'water pill'/diuretic)
- vervain: (sleepytime)
- lavender essential oil: (one sniff or a tiny touch tickled along the hairline can disappear a headache)
- arnica gel: (amazing for sore muscles, strains/sprains, bumps/bruises - they also make a spray now, very fast relief)
- comfrey salve: (sprain/muscle/tendon/broken bone healing, sore feet, skin irritations, wounds/scrapes)
- kukui nut oil (eczema, skin irritations, winter skincare against dryness)
- plantain salve: (beestings, surface wounds, skin irritations)
- goji juice: (longevity tonic, adaptogen, non-caffeinated energy booster/regulator)
- oat straw/tops: (again, non-caffeinated feeling energy boost, slightly sexual)
- moxa sticks (mugwort 'wands' used in acupuncture/acupressure/shiatsu)
- I also like ones anchasta mentioned, damiana, and the anise & fennel, I also like charcoal capsules for gas too. You reminded me about osha, I haven't had any of that around in too long a time. And I like to keep something on hand for 'drawing' (drawing out splinters, infection) like clay (powder, whether bentonite, white or green), white pine, or goldenrod.

There are so many more I love so much, and there are overlaps between this medicinal kind of list and magickal ones, like rosemary, who wanted to be mentioned for some reason (maybe I should take her tea today!), and fenugreek seed (for certain headaches or stresses).

I really like this thread and reading others' lists, I hope lots of people will post.
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[User Picture]From: raptorsidhe
2006-11-02 11:43 pm (UTC)
I keep echinacea because i have a yard full of it, for immune issues of all kinds
I also keep catnip and lemon balm because they are easy and useful
I keep a comfrey salve on hand for small wounds
Sage for prayer, sweetgrass for the same
and candied ginger for heartburn
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