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Herbal Creations [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2008|11:03 am]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

[mood |curiouscurious]

Hi! I'm thinking of making my own household cleaners, because it will be environmentally friendly and possibly cheaper than using store bought ones. Would you care to share your favourite recipes and/websites with me?
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Open for business! [Jun. 12th, 2008|03:49 pm]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

[mood |excitedexcited]

Hi everyone!

It's been quiet in here for a while, but we've been busy with our herbs. zjman and I are proud to announce the opening of our new earth-friendly online shop and the release of our flagship product: all-natural bath salts!

Check them out here at PeaceCrafted.com.

May you be blessed and inspired to create!

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(no subject) [Jan. 12th, 2008|03:58 pm]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

The cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg, cloves, and star anise that were on my altar for Yule have been divided in half, placed in water in the top vessel of a simmer pot, set over a tea light, and the peel from the tangerines in our stockings has been added. There's a pot simmering in the kitchen and one in the living room, and the whole house smells like oranges and spice.

For the cost of a tealight, this is a wonderful way to freshen a room. I dry all, or most, of the herbs I grow, and it's fun trying combinations of them, and adding other things, to see what smells good. And occasionally, what smells not-so-good.

Lemon juice--or peel--combined with chopped tips of cedar twigs, or pine or balsam needles is amazingly fresh without being sweet or food-related. Lavender flowers and a few drops of vanilla extract is nice. As are lavender blooms and orange peel steeped together.

Those dried roses from your Valentine bouquet can be "reused": the petals alone, or the base of the bloom, the stamens within the petals, all can be steeped to release the fragrance. Rose and cinnamon, rose and cedar, or rose, star anise and chamomile all smell wonderful. Rosemary leaves with thyme or basil flowers is nice, with or without a drop of vanilla.

Citrus peel is simple to keep. You merely leave it out on paper towelling till it's dry enough to snap into smaller pieces, then pack it in a plastic bag or glass jar. I go ahead and mix mine with cinnamon sticks and cloves to store. I've kept mixtures this way, in dark, dry storage, for up to three years so far. I haven't found a satisfactory way of drying apple peel without using the oven or a dehydrator, and it doesn't add enough to a mixture of scents to make that effort worthwhile. But freshly removed apple and pear peel can be simmered with spices of your choice.

And using the smudging pot and screen,

we strew dried herbs over a tealight: lemongrass, rosemary, lemon verbena, sage, and others.

These are nice ways to add an evocative scent, or just freshen a room, without spending money on chemicals, sprays, or artificially scented products. Plus, it's fun!
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Eucalyptus [Jan. 2nd, 2007|08:03 pm]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

[mood |curiouscurious]

Anyone here have experience with eucalyptus? I have a bag of dried eucalyptus leaves and have wondered about the uses for the herb.

I know it can be used as a tea for coughs and respiratory ailments.

Anything else?
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Hmmm...it's been very quiet here... [Oct. 26th, 2006|09:38 pm]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

So how about a question:

What herbs do you find most important to stock and why? I'm just wondering what other people on here like to keep in their pantry/stores. (Mostly, this post is because it has been extremely quiet here and someone needed to talk about something).
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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2006|10:45 pm]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

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I've changed the settings for submissions to unmoderated.

Please continue to post your favorite herbal recipes!!!

My current favorite: catnip, lavendar, and marjoram ground together and stored in a glass bottle. It's a great aromatherapy powder and is okay for an incense. Promotes well-being!
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Summer Solstice and Herbs [Jun. 20th, 2006|10:09 pm]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

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[music |Put it Behind You - Keane]

Here are some links I've come across while searching for summer solstice ideas. Please comment with your own!

BeliefNet:Herbs at Summer Solstice
BeliefNet:Midsummer Charms
phenomeNEWS: Traditional Solstice Herbs
Celebrating Summer: Herbs of the Solstice
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Well-being? [Jun. 5th, 2006|11:43 pm]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

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[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Changeless - Carbon Leaf]

Try this:
2 parts lavendar
1 part catnip
1 part marjoram

I bottled it and take a whiff every now and then. And yes. Good stuff.

It's from Scott Cunningham's Incenses, Oils, and Brews and he uses it as a happiness powder, which you sprinkle on the floor around you and breathe in the scent.

:) I like it.

I haven't tried it as an incense though. I'll test that later. :)
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Grapefruit bonanza! [May. 9th, 2006|12:20 am]
Collection of Herbal Recipes


I'm new here (I always wonder why I never thought to look for ____ community on LJ before...)

My friend has a grapefruit tree dropping tons of fruit in the yard and we are trying to figure out what to do with it all...
Anyone know any ideas for what to do with a ton of grapefruits that are too bitter for just eating (at least we feel that way. I'm sure someone would like the bitterness) ?
We are thinking of grapefruit/pineapple/orange marmalade, but are there any ideas for, like, cleaner or body products?
I keep finding things with grapefruit seed extract, which I don't think is something we can accomplish although there would be enough seeds probably.
I was thinking of making a sugar scrub with finely grated rind...
Any help would be greatly appreciated or even just pointing me in the right direction on the web as I've been googling all sorts of different search word phrasing and still coming up short.
Thank you in advance.
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Brighid's Blend Incense - by linda_a [May. 2nd, 2006|08:24 am]
Collection of Herbal Recipes

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[mood |calmcalm]
[music |No Rain - Blind Melon]

3 parts Frankincense
2 parts Myhrr
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Cinnamon

(Equal parts fire/water herbs, due to Brighid's associations with both the Sun and Wells in Celtic mythology)
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