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Recipe Swap for Incenses and the Like

Collection of Herbal Recipes
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Share your favorite incense recipes! Also teas, brews, oil blends, bath blends and salts are also welcome here. :)

Simple rules:
1. ALL are welcome in this community. Regardless of the reasons you work with herbs, you can post your recipe here. Please, no targeting and bashing belief systems!

2. Safety first! Always use caution in making any incense or herbal recipe. Try the recipe before posting, and practice caution before using.

3.This is NOT a spell request community! This will be enforced!

Membership is open, but posts will be moderated.

Also, be sure to tag your recipe with what type of recipe it is (incense...etc) and what you use it for (meditation, study, relaxation...etc). And please post LONG entries under a cut!!!!